About Enchanted

past tense: enchanted; past participle: enchanted

  1. fill (someone) with great delight; charm.“Isabel was enchanted with the idea”
  2. put (someone or something) under a spell. “an enchanted garden”


Was Truly Enchanted started off as a relationship blog because love can be enchanting, a drug that makes you feel as though you are walking on air. The primary goal was to promote #healthylove through spreading information on intimate partner abuse and sharing real stories from survivors. This is still a significant part of the site, but the vision has evolved as healthy love begins on the inside. Without a healthy self-esteem and image it is easier to stay in an unhealthy or abusive situation that is why I started blogging more on that, and now this site is dedicated to inspiring, motivating and propelling personal growth as well as advocating for healthy relationships and self-love.

The podcast is a show that does this efficiently by learning from people who are living their truth and excelling in a particular aspect of their lives whether it is finances, career growth, entrepreneurship and the like. The podcast guest share the lessons and tools they used we can all grow, be motivated and equipped to live our (best) most enchanted lives.

Hope you are inspired to live an enchanted life, please leave a comment and follow me on social media that way you never miss a thing!