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Hi guys so the awesome project l spoke about in the first podcast of this year launched at the end of January 2017.  I have worked on this with one of my closest friends for a while now. Issi Nia is a subscription box that was born out of two things.

The first was the need to for a hustle free service that delivered essential self-care. Self-care is necessary to keep the mind and body running like a well oiled engine. We both juggle a lot, for example, I have a day job, post-graduate study, side hustle while trying to live my most enchanting life. It is meant to look and feel like this:


But honestly without investing time into myself it tends to look like this minus the baby lol


The second was the desire for a service that delivered a bit of happiness for those seasons when you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. At the end of last year, one of us (will not mention names lol) was going through a tough time. Part of overcoming that season was introspection, investment into self-development and treating ourselves.


That in a nut shell is what motivated us to start Issi Nia

new logo 2

Issi Nia is a  subscription box hand-curated for your happiness with goodies ranging from beauty, health/wellness and personal development, delivered to your doorstep every month. (Think journals, The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, luxurious bath bombs, tucked next to some speciality tea and a face mask you’ve been dying to try.)


Every month you will discover something new as we support and purchase from small local businesses and seek to bring you brands of high quality that you may not have heard of to help you in your #selfcarejourney.

So check out Issi Nia at www.issinia.com and follow us on Instagram @issi_nia


Until next time, live an enchanted life!





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