You deserve to reward yourself


Hi All,

This week on the podcast, I cover positive reaffirmation by rewarding yourself. I also talk about how learnt how to reward myself, why it is important and the various ways to do so.

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Until next time… live an enchanted life.



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  1. Amanda Ncube says:

    Love it! I agree, we have to reward ourselves in small and big ways to encourage ourselves. I also think its a great way to prevent burnout. The hustle is not always exciting or fun, its full of challenges, long ours, stress at times so setting a time whether it be once a week or once a fortnight is great to take a step back, refuel and lift your spirit. One of the ways I reward myself is by sitting at a cafe and sipping on some hot chocolate and chew on something delicious. I am yet to do something big for myself…fingers crossed I will be able to do that some time in the near future 🙂

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    1. True, it is the perfect antidote for burnout and l love that reward. Definitely something l also do 🙂 🙂


  2. Wooow amazing!! Sometimes because of my tight schedule i keep forgetting to celebrate and reward myself for all the numerous victories that come my way every single day!!But your podcast has opened my eyes to make time to reward and celebrate every milestone whether big or small…I had to force myself to take a break by going on a road trip 3 days ago and yaaa it was very refreshing…I have decided to move out of the mindset of waiting for holidays and special days to celebrate..Thank you very much for re – enforcing my thought process Tutsi… 🙂 Curious to listen to the next podcast~!

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    1. Glad to hear you took a break and are rewarding yourself. Indeed we cannot wait for the calendar holidays 🙂


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